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Buy an Atomic Watch

If you want to buy a very accurate wrist watch that will display and maintain time within about one second accuracy you should buy an atomic watch, and they are generally available in the $400 to $850 price range.

What is a Radio Controlled Atomic Watch?

Radio controlled atomic watches are wrist watches that are able to pick up a radio signal that originates from an atomic clock and then decode the signal and synchronise the watch time to match the atomic clock time.

This radio signal is transmitted from a number of  atomic clocks and towers that have been set up in Europe, Asia and the USA, and this arrangement gives coverage to most parts of the globe.

The clock that is in the USA is operated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado, and broadcast from a tower at Fort Collins, and because very high power combined with very low frequency is used, the signal can travel close to 2,000 miles and is able to be received throughout the mainland USA.

A radio controlled atomic watch has a normal digital working system and will operate as a normal digital watch showing time in either a digital display or analog form, the difference being that at irregular times that might occur over minutes or days, it will pick up a radio signal and adjust its time display to the time transmitted signal from the atomic clock.

While these watches are often referred to as atomic watches for convenience, this is not strictly correct as they have a normal watch movement inside, they are different because of their ability to link with a radio signal, and a better description would be to refer to them as radio controlled atomic watches.

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